Destination Wedding

how to plan a

A destination wedding is the perfect way to get married and celebrate it at the same time.

so where do we start?

Since when did weddings become a party for your parents' friends that you didn't even want to be at? When did it become to tradition to stand at the front of the room and say hi to people for 2 hours? To spend thousands of dollars on meals for people you barely know? Tradition and family influence are so strong they've taken the joy out of what should be a beautiful, happy day and made it a nightmare for so many. 

Get back your wedding day.

Rugged mountains, sandy beaches, red rock, you name it.

The perfect location for you is whatever you need it to be. Maybe it's in your house by the fireplace with a picnic in the yard.
Or maybe it's in the forest by your hometown by a cabin you're renting for the weekend. 
Or maybe it's the classic destination wedding, right on the beach in Costa Rica. 
The point is, pick a place you can see you and your person in, in love, committing to each other forever, happy as can be. Do that, and your location will be perfect. 

Pick your location

Who's coming?

How do you decide who's invited and who's not?

When you're planning a small wedding, it can be so hard to narrow down the invites. How do you make sure you have who you want there without hurting feelings? Tiptoeing around for this is one of the most hated parts of wedding planning. 
The key to success with the guestlist is to remember that this is your day. It can and should be what you want it to be. And there are ways to acknowledge the people in your life who are important to you but weren't at the wedding. Send out announcements after the wedding with pictures of the day, maybe a little gift to commemorate it. Let your wedding day be guilt (and maybe guest) free. 

Venue, Food, Photography

If you're planning a wedding somewhere you've never been, it can be so hard to find vendors you'll love. One of the best ways to hire your people is to start with one who knows the area well and is ready to provide you with some options. Often this person is your photographer! Photographers work with a ton of people and go to a ton of weddings, they should have no problem giving you ideas, referrals, and locations to consider. 

What about the Dress?

Chances are if you want to elope, you have a dress in mind to go with your dream location, but if you don't, here's some tips! 
Try to match the mood. Most elopements feel much more relaxed and intimate than formal weddings, your dress should invoke the same feelings. My absolute favorite dress stores for this look are Wear Your Love (, Dreamers and Lovers (, and A & Be Bridal Shop ( All of them have stunning dresses, and all of them are online shopping friendly!

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